Wrapping up my first market season

This first year in business has been such a great experience. More fun and more successful than I had anticipated or hoped for. Turns out I love selling at markets (who knew!). This year ran the gamut from 106o in June to 38o and snow in December. The markets ran in brilliant sun and pouring rain, and I negotiated packing up in the evening dark as well as doing my best to not run over tourists wandering down the middle of the street. (Leavenworth in winter is crazy!!)

I learned so much about how to keep warm, how to keep cool, how to display my work and how to interact with customers and fellow vendors! My year end accounting tells me that, all told since June, I’ve sold 72 mugs, 84 drinking cups, 177 tiny pots and 241 small vases!!! I can’t believe it! I love thinking of my mugs being cradled in so many hands each morning and of all those little vases out there in the world spreading a little joy.

Now I have some time off from selling and I’m going to use it to do several things. First we’re heading down to Oregon to visit family and enjoy the holidays. It’s been too long since we stuck our toes in salt water! When we get home, I will be back at the wheel making mugs for a local coffee shop, streamlining my techniques for my favorite forms and colors and dreaming up plans for next year! More farmer’s markets? Apple Blossom Festival? Wholesale opportunities?

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and the very best in 2022!

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