Searching for the perfect blue

When I started out in my new home studio I had a couple bags of clay left over from the last community studio (Seward Park Clay Studio) where I had been taking classes and making pots. It was cone 10 clay (super high temperature) but I figured I could use it up and then switch to cone 6 clay after that. I bought a couple cone 10 glazes and totally lucked out that they worked so well together.

I love these colors and have been thrilled that others do also. I’ve been having success selling at the Cashmere Community Farmer’s Market and the Pybus Public Market. Hooray! I’ve used up all the cone 10 clay and have begun experimenting with several glazes for the cone 6 clays. I’ll admit that I wish I could just replicate the cone 10 Blue Stone, but it is not as easy as that.

Here are a few of my more successful trials…

Some nice things to work with here. Next up will be seeing how the blue glazes play together and what it looks like to use them with the deep red and purplish glazes I have. I find it impossible to guess how glazes will interact. I suspect that a chemist could do a better job of that but I am generally satisfied with trial and error!

The little bowl below on the right was a nice surprise. I did not expect light blue on purply brown to turn out creamy with golden flecks!

Light Mottled Blue
Light Mottled Blue sloshed over Ironstone

Just a few lovely surprises make up for a lot of ugly disappointments! Stay tuned for further surprises.

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