The start of my Cashmere Studio

In the summer of 2020 my family and I moved to a house on 7 acres outside the town of Cashmere in northcentral Washington state. We had been living in Seattle for the previous 16 years and while I’d dreamed of a home studio there was just no space. The new home had a back room with two windows and a cement floor. It just screamed pottery studio!

Armbrust Pottery home studio getting started

Before long I’d gotten a wheel delivered and the fun began.

Throwing a tiny pot on the pottery wheel at Armbrust Pottery
Pottery being made by Beth Armbrust at Armbrust Pottery

Pretty soon it became apparent that I would need a table and not finding anything that would suit, I made my own! I felt like a champ.

Setting up the home studio at Armbrust Pottery

In December I ordered an electric kiln (L&L e23S) and then proceeded to wait…and wait. It was delivered, between snow storms, in March but the wait was not over until April when I finally found an electrician to install the wiring needed. And then I was off to the races!

Getting the kiln delivered at Armbrust Pottery
First bisque load at Armbrust Pottery
Firing the electric L&L kiln e23s at Armbrust Pottery
My corner studio is all set up at Armbrust Pottery

The studio was complete and there was just one thing left to do… make pots!

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