Happy Holidays

We are deep into winter weather here in north central Washington state. It’s been awhile since we saw temperatures above freezing!

I’ve been really loving these last few kiln firings of the year because they’re producing some great colors, keeping the mugs on the display shelves AND because they turn the studio into a delightful sauna! The last glaze fire of the year is ready to take out of the kiln today and I will be selling at my last market for the year this coming Saturday (Dec 17th at Pybus Public Market in Wenatchee, WA).

It has been a great year and I’m really happy with all the new things I tried. That includes adventures in clay and in business. After the holidays, I plan to continue at Pybus once a month or so and really keep stocking up through the winter so that I can try some new things in the spring. I definitely plan to be back at Apple Blossom Festival in May.

Next year, I hope to get my work into more local shops and try a couple larger markets on the westside of the mountains too. Roslyn? Ballard? Tacoma? be forewarned. Tiny pots may be headed your way!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season with time to spend with loved ones and time to relax. And looking forward to sharing with you a happy and peaceful 2023!

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