Plans and challenges

Apple Blossom Festival was a big success for me this year and I’m already looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone who came out for making it fun despite the crazy weather! Next year I will have a tent with side walls so that I don’t have to put up with being tossed about by the wind for four days!

Spring means outdoor markets and the Cashmere Community Farmer’s Market (Sundays 9am-1pm) is hitting it’s stride now that the farmers actually have some veggies to harvest (ooph what a cold wet spring!). The Leavenworth Farmer’s Market opens this Thursday (4-7pm) and I’m excited to be there for it. It will be my last market until late July as my family and I are embarking on a month long trip including London, Scotland, and Norway. Right now we are equal parts excited and anxious and all of us are very ready for the school year to end! Come on Summer!!!

Sadly, three of my favorite glazes to use in combinations are all being discontinued. No doubt due to supply chain problems as these glazes have been unavailable now for several months. It makes me think about making my own glazes, but I’m not ready to break out the chemistry set right now. So, I will soon be back to glaze testing to try to find a good red, and options to replace my coffee & cream and streaky blue/black combos. Sigh.

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